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Get on board with Holmbury

17 May 2024

Holmbury built it’s reputation primarily in the construction and agricultural markets but, as the product portfolio grew so did the exploration into new markets. Holmbury products are present in many specialised marine applications, here is one such example.

Hydraulic boat lifts are mechanical devices designed to raise and lower boats in and out of the water. They serve several purposes, primarily aimed at protecting boats from damage caused by prolonged exposure to water, such as corrosion, marine growth, and hull degradation. Boat lifts are commonly used in marinas, yacht clubs, private docks, and waterfront properties.

Using the Holmbury PSP series on boat lifts is a practical choice due to its robust design and ability to withstand harsh marine environments. The PSP series’ durability, corrosion resistance, and high-pressure capabilities make it well-suited for this application. Its screw-to-connect design allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection, which is beneficial for maintenance and operation tasks associated with boat lifts.

The Holmbury PSP coupling offers many benefits to the boat owner/operator. By utilizing the PSP series on boat lifts, operators can expect reliable performance, reduced downtime, and increased longevity of their hydraulic systems, ultimately contributing to smoother and safer boat lifting operations. Additionally, these couplings may offer compatibility with existing hydraulic systems commonly found in boat lift installations, making integration relatively straightforward.