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If at first you don’t succeed, Holmbury will find a solution…

31 May 2023

A customer received some feedback regarding an issue with a set of leaking flat face couplings and heavy brinelling* evident on the male part of the coupling.

Holmbury prides itself on the quality of all our products, so it was a priority for us to ensure these couplings made their way back to undergo rigorous inspection at our state-of-the-art test facility in Tonbridge, Kent. Once the goods arrived at our site, we carried out our standard inspection checks and tests. Supporting report documentation, complete with images, to convey our findings was prepared for the customer.

Our investigation had revealed the leakage was due to the seals being extruded alongside the very clear brinelling. Further discussions with our customer followed and we learned the couplings had been subjected to a combination of extreme pulsing and hose vibration which on this occasion took the application out of the performance zone of the HQ flat face series. It was clear to our technical team that our customer required a different coupling solution to resolve this issue. Holmbury advised that our HFT series could be a good solution.

HFT series screw to connect couplings incorporate all the benefits from our HQ range, whilst simultaneously strengthening the connection. Eliminating brinelling. Connection and disconnection can take place at high residual pressure in both the female and the male coupling, thus make the HFT series an ideal solution for high pressure pulses.

Our customer purchased several sets of the HFT series couplings and throughout the last 6 months we’ve had no recurrence or issues.

Holmbury continues to work closely with our customers when problems arise. Modern machines which, on the surface do the same job as they always have, have higher performance characteristics than previous models meaning higher performing couplings are sometimes required.

Rest assured that our team will always be ready to offer technical support when you need it and a solution to keep your equipment up and running.

For more information, please visit the rest of our website or call our sales office on 01732 378912.

* What is Brinelling? Brinelling is a type of mechanical damage that occurs on the surface of a metal object when it is subjected to extreme pulsation – in the case of a quick release coupling the ball bearings cause indentations to the coupling itself generally due to the above and excessive side loading of a heavy, unsupported hose assembly.