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Sapphire visits Holmbury

Sapphire visits Holmbury!

3 November 2022

Last week Holmbury had the pleasure of welcoming Sapphire to our Tonbridge office to meet some of the team. Sapphire have been our provider for SAP Business One for over a decade and they have been incredibly helpful over the last year or so, helping us integrate our new Kardex Machine into the day-to-day life at Holmbury. The team at Sapphire had to write custom coding as SAP and our Kardex machines program Remstar Power Pick, had never been used together before. This was a challenge, as it would be for any company, however Sapphire handled the task with ease and created a bespoke system for Holmbury. This particular system allows us to send pick lists from SAP directly to our Kardex machine so our warehouse team can pick orders as efficiently as possible while helping to streamline the picking process.

SAP Business one also has an MRP function which we at Holmbury have been using to review and place purchase orders for the last 2 years. Before this function was available to us, Holmbury had to create purchase orders manually which was not only more time consuming but allowed more room for error. By using this integrated system in SAP, it has allowed Holmbury to have a better understanding and control over what is required to ensure we have the right products on the shelf at the right time to supply and fulfil our customers’ requirements.