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Roflex Series Coupling Features

Roflex Series Coupling Features

10 October 2014

If you were in the market for a quick disconnect coupling that will stand extremely severe hydraulic pulsations and applications such as shears, breakers, rock crushers and hammers, look no further than the Holmbury Roflex Series screw-to-connect couplings.

The simple yet robust design includes three key elements that allow these couplings to hold up to the most demanding applications as demonstrated by this cut-away model.

First you will notice the poppet is fully guided in the chamber, preventing it from shifting off center like other designs.

Next, when connected, the spring is fully compressed and the poppet is held rigid, preventing rapid pulsations from fatiguing the poppet, spring or the coupling itself.

Finally, the spring and poppet in each half are retained by a very rugged collet that will not back out or disintegrate under severe forces. The Roflex Series is available in port sizes ranging from three-eighths to two-inch BSPP and can accommodate flows up to 130 GPM.

The engineered seals and poppet design enable the operator to connect and disconnect with trap static pressure in one or both lines.

Rated working pressures range from 7250 PSI for the three-eighth size down to 3625 PSI for the two-inch size. It is important that you use the proper sized coupling for your application based on the maximum flow rate specified in the Holmbury catalog to avoid premature seal wear.

When sized correctly, the Roflex coupling should provide years of reliable service and eliminate costly downtime. Give Roflex a try and see for yourself.